2007 Halloween at The Cottage

About the Event!

Laurie and I believe the old saying that you get out of life in direct proportion to what you put into it.  And to see the smiling faces on all of the children who participate in the "to do" certainly is a great reward for the effort that goes into creating the  event by many.

We want to give our thanks to the many who made the event happen, and I am sure that we will overlook just as many, so please forgive us.
To our Chairman of the event, Jerry Klaben and better half, Carol..  One of the best things that Jerry came up with this year was to appoint Joe Warwick and Jim Robertson as Co-Chairmen of the Ghost walk.  Gosh, what a great job they did.  Joe created spreadsheets for each of the thirteen stops on the walk that showed that stops location, what it should look like, what sounds should be there, what lighting should be on the spot, who was responsible for bulding the spot, and who was to man the spot.  With that information, Joe and Jim put together some thirty volunteeers to man the trail. 
And thanks go to Rich Hughes and Paul Babcock for such great entertainment on the hay rides, Rich with his songs and guitar and Paul on his african drums.
And we want to thank, our council person, Velma Kelsey and Kate for spending several afternoons with us preparing the food for the event,  along with Jan Medcalf and Sheila Tamblyn, who also helped with the stuffing of the kids goody bags. And Wayne Asford also helped with the goody bags...Every thing went pretty smooth with the stuffing after a few glasses of wine.
And then there was, Paula Klaben, Joanne Klaben and a host of others helping with the serving of food.  Marsha and Kent Ruddock were in charge of the children's "garage" activities.  And our Chief Hot Dog Chef, Carl Coulter, was at his best, assisted by his chief boss, Elsa and Kent Swenson.  Of course, River Captain Charles Brooks and his able assistant, Karolyn Massey handed out the adult beverages.
And around the fire pit, which Bob Palmer, kept burning, Jerry Klaben Jr, managed, with his crew, the hot dog roast for the kids.  And they had to have something to drink, so Angela Petz and Dave Dusto manned that station. And, lof course, special thanks goes to Arnold Read for his continuing support of the event.
Yvonne Landon and Marie Poldervaart with help from Kate and others manned the sign in desk.  and our parking crew also did a magnificent job,  including  Dan Hughes and John DeSpirito.
Janet Palmer is also deserving of our thanks for being our official photographer, helped by others. And thanks go to Councilman Jeff Lackie for capturing on his computer many of the pictures contributed for this site.
And, of course, John Poldervaart manages the overall property and had it in great shape.  Phil Campbell, the biggest kid of us all, deserves a special recognition for his efforts in creating the scenes, sounds, etc on the ghost trail.  Thanks, what a job.
And a hugh round of applause goes to Gary Traynor of Limestone music for his contribution of a truck load of the lights, sounds, and  the Magician.  What a great guy!  Thanks Gary!
And, thanks,  finally to Laurie who lets us kids play and put on  this event...

Laurie looks as if she is getting ready for some sort of combat mission!

Enjoy early Halloween with the neighbors of Linden Estates!