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Panama City Beach, Florida is our home base and a great location for fishing and many other water related activities. There is nothing like a successful day  on the ocean and then enjoying just caught fish with family and friends when we come in that evening, of course, after a dip in the pool!  We also enjoy our morning trips to St. Andrews State Park, which is abundant with wildlife .
We are fortunate to have Blue Atlantic Crabs at our back door, scallops just a few miles away, flounder in the Lagoon on which we live, as well as trout, redfish, bay and gulf shrimp, and many other varieties of seafood.  But each year it is hard to wait until the oyster season begins in late Fall.  We have some of the best in the world from our local bays..  And then, on top of all of that, we also look forward to the crawfish season which begins in January and runs through April-June....
And I think I just now heard a knock on the door by a friend with a basket full of freshly netted mullet.  Time for a hot grill!

Protecting our Freedom
F-18s Stationed at Tyndall Air Force Base

We are fishing nuts, whether it be at Charleston Lake, Panama City, Lake Ontario or anywhere else that we think that we might latch onto a nice one.  As a result there are a lot of fishing pictures on this site.  If you get bored looking at them, just click away to something else.  It is ok with us!!!  On our site,  fishing photos are divided into three categories,  "Recent Excitement", which will always feature our most recent fishing trip, "Spring fishing", which represents some great fishing during the opening of the Red Snapper season in the Gulf of Mexico, during the 3rd week of April each year, and finally,  "& More Fishing", made up of pictures from several trips, other than the opening Spring trips.

Sunset at Bay Point Marina

How graceful can one be?

Early morning at St. Andrews Marina


A Spring blossom


Startled Moment!

Enjoying the Wind


We are foodies and are blessed with an abundance of fresh seafood, most of which we catch in our lagoon, the bay or miles offshore.  We enjoy returning from a catch and immediately preparing the freshly caught seafood. Click on the food button below for some examples.  More pictures will be added when I have a little more time. 

Egret looking for food

A back yard hibiscus


Fresh crabs from our Lagoon about to be boiled

Mr. Offshoreman on collision course?

Dove on the lookout!

Returning from a great fishing trip!

"Miss Laurie" heading out on fishing trip

We are very lucky to have one of the most beautiful state parks in Florida located just a couple of miles from our home.  We go early many morning to see what is going on.  Early morning light makes for good photography. 
The week of Hurricane Katrina Laurie and I ventured out and made several photographs showing some of the scenes caused by the hurricane. Click on the button St. Andrews State Park and you can view those pictures as well as others we have made there.

Our neighbor's dock

Ready to be eaten

Coming in for a landing on St. Andrews Bay

Sunrise from our dock

An ice chest full of fresh boiled crawfish

A visitor to our bird feeder.



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