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We would like to share with you our four favorite places, Aspen, Charleston Lake, Panama City and New Orleans!   Click on the subjects in the left column.

Leaving Bay Point on Fishing Trip
Laurie in Aspen

Hopefully, these pages will change with the seasons so be sure to visit often.

Pointing the Way to Charleston Lake Provincial Park

Long Line Fisherman Leaving St. Andrew's Bay

Our beloved Spike!
Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest
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Click Here For One of our Off Shore ventures! You might be able to see a larger version of some of the pictures by clicking on the picture.

Recently we enjoyed a wonderful family vacation down in Fort Lauderdale. We spent an afternoon in the Everglades, but most of the time we were chasing Sail Fish. We were successful! Laurie boarded seven and five more were boarded. We raised about thirty two so we missed quite a few! To see some of the action, click here!

Robert giving the thumbs up for a great catch


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