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Gosh, Hurricane Katrina wiped out New Orleans!  As of February of 2009, it is still a disaster!
We were fortunate as there was very little damage to our beloved 611 Dauphine.  We do know that the homes of many of our New Orleans friends have been wiped out!  Looking at the bigger picture, whatever might have happened to our place is really of little importance as compared to the lost of life and property of thousands of others.

Unfortunately, on the evening of December 30, 2005, a fire completely destroyed the grocery next door to us, and in order to save our building, the fire department had to break out all of the windows, ax the doors and ceiling in our place, and soak the place with water.  It was a mess!   It took months to find a qualified contractor, but after three false starts, we were able to to "move into", the unit in March of 2008.  It turned out to be great.  We got to enjoy it for a few trips to New Orleans!  However, while we were at Charleston Lake during the summer of 2008, a major roofing leak took place which lasted for months.  We did not discover the problem until our Fall trip!  Another major mess, and we had to tear out the bedroom walls to get to the leak.  The roof has been patched but our unit is not yet back together as of July 2009.  We finally have been able to retain a decent architect and have filed a request for a building permit to replace the roof structure.  Who knows when the work will be started, let alone, completed.

New Orleans is an exciting and vibrant city and provides lots of photo opportunities. We have been fortunate to own a place in the middle of the French Quarter for a long time.  There have been many fun times, including ten years of riding with the Krewe of Bacchus during Mardi Gras.

A view from our balcony towards the Hibernia Bank

The opposite direction down Rue Dauphine

A day light view of the bank tower

Amazing what you can see during the light of day


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